Violin Artist with a passion to rediscover

Frida Backman is passionate about bringing forth new works and rediscoveries of older forgotten ones. She has dug deep into archives and libraries and collaborated with many living composers to create and perform new works. She is an artist with entrepreneurial spirit and has created joyful musical moments across the world solo and together with others.

Repertoire rediscovered or premiered

Walter Wolff Stråkkvartett, 2021

Yrjö Kilpinen Violin Sonata Op. 87, completed by Walter Wolff *, premiere in Helsinki & New York 2019

Walter Wolff Integration, Suite for Solo Violin, 2018

Erik Bergman Violin Sonata Op. 8*

Harri Wessman,
2018 "Vintergatan", a work for soprano and violin, to the poem by
Zacharias Topelius, supported by SLS, Svenska Litteratursällskapet.

Harri Wessman 2016 Anna Variations for Fiddle and Piano

Erik Bergman Piano Trio from 1939, repremiered by The Backman Trio in 2011, courtesy of the Bergman Collection, Paul Sacher Foundation, Basel, Switzerland.

Jean Sibelius'
small pieces, not currently in the standard piano trio repertoire, and
Fantasia from Korpo Trio, recorded on FANTASIA / Fuga 9371, 2014

Roger Wanamo 2007, The Night of the Humble Flea, for violin solo

Zura Dzagnidze 2005, Intruder for solo violin and backing track

Zura Dzagnidze 2005 - Estonia String Quartet

*Included in the Bergman-Kilpinen-Wessman Project.