Tervetuloa VAPPUKONSERTTTEIHIN juhlimaan kevään tuloa. Ihania suosikkeja viululla ja suomenruotsalaista yhteislaulua. Lue lisää Konsertit-sivulta.

Välkommen på VALBORGSKONSERT. Vårens ankomst firas med de ljuvligaste melodierna på violin och lite finlandsvensk allsång. Läs mer på Konserter-sidan.

Welcome to our SPRING CONCERTS in Ekenäs 30.4 & Karis 1.5. A concert of beautiful nostalgic favourites and Finland Sweding audience singing. A night to remember and celebrating the arrival of Spring in good company. Free entry. Programmes available 20€.

Concerts supported by the Swedish Foundation of Culture in Finland, Svenska kulturfonden.

You are welcome you join my Telegram Channel to hear about the newest opportunities to hear live violin music from Backman Concerts near you.

Please use the following link: https://t.me/fridabackman

New album released:

Integration - 500 years of solo violin

An album of violin music spanning five centuries.

Recorded in the Summer 2018 in the medieval Churches St Maria in Pojo and St Katarina in Karis, both in Raseborg, Finland the year after my homecoming to Finland - this album is a varied collection of expressions and styles of music written for the solo violin. The album contains the premiere of Walter Wolff's Integration suite - a tremendously fascinating collaboration with a jazz pianist turned composer - as well as a personal arrangement of the Stormskärs Maja- film tune by Lasse Mårtenson.

One could consider this album both a showcase of the solo violin and an introduction to various musical styles over five centuries.

Buy from Fuga Oy on www.fuga.fi or at live events. Alternatively drop us an email and we will post it to you.

Price: 20€ plus postage

MUSIC OF THE HEART, Billnäs March-April 2023

Fri 10.3, 31.3, 14.4, 28.4. at 7 pm

A holistic sound treatment by violinist Frida Backman offers
relaxation and an opportunity to open into the now-moment with healing music
vibrations in a supportive and safe environment. Sound vibrations impact mind,
body, emotions and contact with the soul.

Frida channels music on her violin to the group and

individually. The music is experienced sitting on a chair, on the floor or lying down.

Entrance fee 5€ goes to Elohuone for the use of the space. After the session you decide a price for your received sound treatment which isaccepted cash or via Mobile Pay. Price suggestion 35€.

The session lasts for around 60 minutes. Towards the end you are invited to verbally share your experience and you may naturally choose not to.

Limited number of spaces - to reserve a place:

- please pay the entrance fee 5€ by Mobile Pay to 050 347 6521 adding the date you would like to participate into the space allowing messages or a reference.


- send your name and requested date of participation to tommi(at)elohuone.fi

You will get a reponse email with an account number into which you can pay your place reservation fee (5€).

Venue address: Billnäsin puistotie 8, as 2, Billnäs Raseborg, Finland